Instilling ambition, productivity with strong bonds of brotherhood in the future of the ummah!

Assalaamu 'alaykum,

Welcome to YOU

Youth Of the Ummah (YOU) is a youth initiative driven to inspire the youth to become productive and ambitious Muslims together in brotherhood under the obedience of Allah and his messenger Muhammed (peace be upon him).

What we are doing

We currently run and organise monthly youth events in two masajid (Mimbar Academy and Roman Road masjid). In these events, we try to create a really fun atmosphere in a safe and spiritual environment. The events are full of team activities orchestrated to build strong bonds of brotherhood and inspire good conduct therein. We inject short bursts of crash learning between the activities so the youth not only have fun, but learn essential things about their faith. Overall, through these events, we want to give our youth a taste of the sweetness of faith and empower them with an enthusiasm that makes them and our community greater.

We have been running these events since October 2021 and we can slowly see the youth coming together with good motives and enthusiasm to progress as model Muslims for society.

What we want to and plan to do

On the back of instilling enthusiasm and passion for personal development and the faith in general, from July 2022, we plan to start holding weekly circles to cover in detail some of the topics we touch upon in the events such as fundamentals of faith and personal development. Alongside that, a lot of interest and requests have come through to organise football sessions for which we plan to hire out pitches for weekly or fortnightly sessions. Residentials are also being planned for the summer and possibly the winter of 2022.

All of the above are efforts to grow and improve the youth as a community and strengthen the bonds therein. But we understand that for complete progression we need to give attention to the youth on an individual basis. This would be to see how YOU can help them hurdle over any issues they may be facing and may find hard to address or simply provide them guidance on something they are inexperienced in. For this we are working towards putting together a mentoring system for our youth.

Upcoming Events

Regular Events

Generally, our events take place for 14 and above on the last Saturday of every month and last Sunday of every month for the 14 and under. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated

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June 26

Mimbar Youth Event (Juniors) - last sunday of the month

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June 25

Roman Road Masjid Youth Event (Seniors) - last Saturday of the month

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